Saturday, July 2, 2011

Kickoff to Summer and a Vote

Well, all the sudden it feels like summer up here.  Really hot and sticky.  Yesterday I took my first swim for the year in Lake Manganese.  It's probably the warmest of the lakes in the area, but I still needed to swim fast to keep from thinking about how cold it was!

But the heat broke today after last nights storms.  The wind knocked down so many trees and power lines that we were out of power for 18 hours.  Not the worst thing in the world, but what timing.

It's the Fourth of July Weekend.  The kickoff the the constant tourist season.  So far I am ready.  Bring it on.  

I had a wonderful time interviewing the bell buoy, and since the rest of the characters were neck and neck in the poll, I decided to have you vote again!  It keeps me excited about my book while publication is on hiatus for the summer.  I still have to have fun with it, you know?  Thanks for letting me.

Gosh, but I'm pretty beat for the day.  I hope you have a wonderful evening (or morning!).

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