Friday, April 22, 2011

Walking to an... island?

With the lake level lower than usual, Springtime is the best time to get out to places that are usually sunk in water.  Some people explore freshly exposed ridges to look for stones.  Others use the protruding rocks as stepping stones to other lands.  Today I did the latter.  I walked to Porter's Island.

This is not the first year one has been able to walk from Hunter's Point to Porter's Island.  I remember doing it four(?) years ago.  I see fishermen out there now, casting their luck.  Here is a view of the island from the 6th Street dock.  Notice on the left, a walkway of stones from Hunter's Point.

I've never circumnavigated the whole island by foot before, and I knew today was the day.  I found a friend and a couple pups to come with me.

The East wind kept us pretty sheltered until we reached the East shore, so hiking was pleasant.  The sun shone intermittently, and the waves seemed to leave shore instead of coming in.  That's a unique sight.

Another unique sight was the terrain on the Northeast tip of Porter's Island.  I felt like a martian on another planet!  Here is a picture of my martian cohorts.

The terrain in general changed on the whole walk from West to East.  It started with huge basalt boulders, switched to rolled beach rocks, and then to the conglomerate shown in the photo.  Not bad for a little island!


  1. I walked around the island last summer (got my feet wet a couple of times but not too badly) and I'm always fascinated by the variations. Is the eagle around yet?

  2. Hey Dee!

    Glad you know what I'm talking about! And yup, that eagle is always around.