Saturday, April 16, 2011

Snow and Eagle River Falls

This morning when I went to let the dog out, I opened the door, and I felt like Dorothy when she opened her door after the tornado, and everything was in color.  Except, today, everything was white.  Two hearty inches of snow covered everything.  Everything.

At least I was prepared for this.  The weather man said so.  I didn't care either way.  I know it will melt soon.

But guess what.  Yesterday evening I visited Eagle River Falls.  They were pretty decent, but not as voluminous as I would have hoped (however, they are merely a trickle in the late summer).  So I suppose I still hit it at a good time.

For your benefit, I got my partial camera to take a picture of it for you!  It's kind of neat because these falls are viewed from above on a bridge.

Not too bad, hey?  They really had a nice sound to them too.  And I love all the minifalls that squirt out from other rocks.  This waterfall is about 40 feet tall.  I think it makes good use of its space.

Well, now think warm thoughts, so all this white stuff goes away until November!

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