Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Snowy Ride Home

Yesterday I woke up in Wisconsin to a snowy morning.  Oh, I thought, the sap won't be running today!  But the air was surprisingly warm.  The muddy ground was covered in a thin layer of fluff.  A nice day to drive home...

The ride North was snowy, but at least the roads were clear.

One cool thing (that maybe only I think is cool) was while driving East and West, the slopes on the South side of the road were snowy, but the slopes on the North side were brown and snowless.  I thought it was so neat how the sun can only melt the North side because if its position in the sky.  So, yeah, I'm still probably the only one who thinks that's cool, but now you know about it!

Despite the fact that we were driving in snow on April 4th, the view was still striking.  When we got north of Bruce Crossing, everything was white: the ground, the sky and the trees.  Such a splendid, ahem, winter scene.

On the Covered Stretch, close to home, the snow was so thick that it pulled the branches straight down.  That's some heavy, wet snow all right.  I didn't even care that this shouldn't be the time of year for such a scene.  I relished in it like it was the first snow of the winter.

And then I saw her.  My Queen.  My Majesty, Lake Superior.  She was all open and shining with a slit of clear sky behind her.  She's always my favorite part to come back home to.

The view of the sunset when I got home was breath-taking.  The Harbor was completely open, and the waves were rolling in -- a combination I haven't seen since fall.  The sky was only open along the horizon, and dark clouds covered the top of the sky.  As the sun sank, the tops of the waves danced pink and orange.  Oooh, I sat outside and stared as if it was my first sunset ever to behold.  I remembered how lucky I am to live here.

To share my luck, I took a picture for you after the sun sank, casting its glow heavenward.  Not bad, hey?


  1. Not bad at all Amanda! I share your love for the big lake whatever the season. Spring in all it's glory will shower upon you soon. You just have to be patient. I love your blog and look forward to your updates.

  2. Beautiful Sunset! Sharon here. Bill and I have the Aframe on the Bay. We were just there for 10 days and now are back in St. Clair Shores(by Detroit)in the rain. It has rained all day. I know that is a sign of Spring but at least you can get outside in the snow. lol Hope you don't mind Tish connected me with your blog. Said I would love it. She is right!

  3. Hi Amanda... I share your unabashed reverence for Mother Superior. She touches my soul deeply. I guess it's the raw wildness and stark, exquisite beauty that is so stirring. It's hard to articulate her affect on me, but I know that it is very powerful! Thanks so much for sharing your descriptive thoughts and impressions. You really should write a book.

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  5. Thanks, Michael! Springtime around here definitely reminds me to go with the flow of things!

  6. Hello Sharon! Your pup noticed Duce and I walking on the shore in front of your place while you were up. Next time we'll come say "Hi!" I'm pumped you like the blog. You can find out what's happening in your U.P. neck of da woods!

  7. Tom, you are in luck! I am working on my first Copper Harbor book right now! My goal is to have it published by Christmas time, but we'll see what the publishing world has to say about that! Thanks again for the flattery!