Monday, April 11, 2011

Ridges and Valleys

Thanks for waiting... I had no computer for the last four days.  Man, did I love that!  No responsibilities to the world wide web!

Da Harbor has been experiencing some beautiful days.  A couple rainy mornings, but overall, the sun has been shining.  Melt, snow, melt!

This morning the wind was whipping from the Northwest, so Aaron, Duce and I ventured out to the South side of Brockway Mountain.  There the weather was sunny and warm (a little too warm on the way up!).

We started up the Garden Brook Trail and headed to higher elevation, climbing Brockway, on Woopidy Woo.  No snow up there!  Just some mud puddles which we helped drain down the mountain side using our boots and the ends of sticks.   I love draining puddles... I made ruts for four big ones on Woodland Road yesterday.

We climbed up to the top of Brockway's ridge and sat with our backs to the South-facing stone wall, so we didn't get pelted by the wind.  Looking over the trees in the Garden Brook Valley is always a great time to ponder life and take in nature.  Ahhh.

After descending partially down Woopidy Woo, we decided to catch up with the Garden Brook Trail to the East by traversing the woods along the stream.  Oh, what a treat to walk along a babbling brook!  And with all the melt-off running its way, it was gurgling!  I never hear it like that in the Summer.  

I always like treading on new territory.  Along that walk I found lots of thimbleberry bushes.  I'll be checking those out this summer!  I also discovered an area with lots of rotted birch trees leaving behind their water proof bark.  Anyone need to make a canoe?

The weather has been so splendid lately that I've been out for a walk every day.  Once to the lighthouse, up Brockway Mountain (one dip from the West side) and twice meandering the Norland Trust.  Got to start planning for mountain bike season!

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