Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Spooks and a Moose!

Saturday was... wow.  As I walked around to do my normal Harbor life business, I marveled at all the cars and people and bikes and such.  Is there an event going on in town?  I wondered as vehicles lined the main street and all possible parking areas.

What was odd was that it wasn't even a very nice day.  It was gray and chilly.  But it wasn't raining.  What else is odd is that I'm telling you about this and I still have no idea if there really was an event.  Perhaps a small one, but I just chalk it up to a Saturday in September.  I forgot how busy they can be.  That's a good thing for now.

Speaking of Saturdays in September, I may as well add on to the Chili Cook-off event with the Fort Wilkins Spoo-tacular.  They are decking out the Fort in a haunting fashion, and their annual geocaching event is going on as well.  Schedule follows below.

Spoo-tacular events

Ah yes, another one of my pictures with reflections off someone's glass door.  This one happens to be the general store.  They always have the most posters.

And as we approach this cooling weather and fall-like atmosphere, the wild edibles are changing.  

When I wander through Clyde's field, I try all the different apples that have dropped to the ground.  I try to memorize which ones are my favorite, and which ones the deer can have.  I'm not harvesting, just grabbing a snack as I meander.

The choke cherries are out too.  Man it's a great year for them.  If I wasn't so darn lazy right now, I would pick and pick those suckers.  But nope.  Sure seems like a lot of work.  I don't feel too guilty though.  I have lots of choke cherry wine aging in my cellar.  I think it will be ready to sample sometime after this little one comes out of my belly.

Plums too.  The plums are ripening.

We are lucky to have escaped the chances of frost so far.  The community garden is still producing, though some plants are a bit shocked, I'm sure.  It's interesting to hear that Houghton may get a frost overnight, but "along the shore" we are still 5-10 degrees warmer.  Oh, that lake.  She certainly has her perks.

So get this.  There is a moose in Copper Harbor.

A what???

A moose!  Yes!  It's been sighted at the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge trying to play golf without a cart.  Here is a picture I found on the KML's facebook page.

The KML moose

That is definitely a moose, and definitely the lodge's golf course.  What a beauty.  If I get ambitious, maybe I'll sit up there and wait for it to come.  I'm kind of a jinx for moose though.  I would probably just end up getting eaten by squirrels.

But, it looks like a good fall tourist attraction!

Color Report
On my drive to town Friday, I would say that the Covered Stretch is less than 10% changed. The maples that have transitioned sure are beautiful, but it's still mostly green.  The lakeshore M-26 is green too.  Even closer to Houghton, I would say there is no significant change.  And just a handful of trees are actually brown.

Okay, okay.  Enough for now.  I'll see you next week on whichever day I have the energy!  Thanks for your patience with me.

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  1. Okay Amanda, you can't let summer end without another post. Today's the last day of summer 2014. Close it out with style.