Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Bean, Beans

Happy Fall!

However, this week is supposed to bring some pleasant weather.  Like 60's and sunny until Monday.  We'll take it.  Perhaps I should say Happy Summer!

I thought the weekdays would be quieter than they are.  I thought Duce and I could just roam around town without a leash or a care crossing the road.  Nope.  Not quite yet.  People are here chasing colors, mountain biking, living in RVs and doing whatever else they came to do.

And the past weekend was well attended.  I told you about the Chili Cook-off, and some of you actually came!  Thanks for introducing yourself.  How cool.

The event itself had a record number of people show up for the festivities and a record number of chili entrants.  Gosh, I think there were 26 chilies.  I'm glad I was not a judge because there's no way I could fit all those samples plus cornbread and pie in my compromised stomach space.   Judging looks like tough business anyway.  See?

The judges: sniffing, tasting and scoring chili

One of my favorite bands, Frank an da Beans are in the back there jamming out.  The event also pressed fresh cider, and offered Brickside beer.  There were two amazing cheese trays fresh from Wisconsin and 9 gallons of chili from the Gay Bar, so no one would hunger.  And just look at all those entrants ready to scoop samples of their concoction!

Most of the chili entrants

See that in the background?  That's sunshine.  It was a beautiful day.  And see that guy stirring in the red sweatshirt?  That's Jay.  He won first place in the traditional competition.  Way to go, Jay!  He also brought the cheese from Wisconsin.  Now that's good karma.

After the winners were announced, Powers of Air took the stage.  Here's a photo of I-don't-know-what-song, but our bassist's wife took it.

Our band -- Powers of Air

Gosh, it was almost 9pm before we were done performing.  It was a good experience for us... we learned a lot from our mistakes!  And if anyone ever fesses up to shooting some video, I'll post it for you.  They say we sounded good.

This was really an awesome event.  Make plans to come next year.  Third Saturday in September.

Moving on.

So there's this fall trail running fest at Mount Bohemia in early October.  I think it's the first year they are doing it.  Info is below.  I bet the leaves will be beautiful for that!

Mount Bohemia's Trail Runs

Color Report
So let me get a couple fall pics up for you.  Pipe down.  I know you've been waiting.  Yes, I'm psychic.  Please be careful what else you think around me.

Looking southwest from partway up Brockway Mountain

That one was taken the 19th.  I can't say it's too exciting there yet, but check out this one from Lake Manganese, compliments of my friend Bruce L.

Fall at Lake Manganese

Now that's getting pretty stunning.  I'll have to get up there myself!  

Here's a handy dandy chart I found from Lake Superior Magazine.  I would put stock in this.  Now you can plan your vacation.  Happy now?

Lake Superior Fall Color Chart

So, 4 more weeks until my baby is predicted to arrive.  After the people and before the snow, I like to say (fingers crossed).  I know sometimes I post late, but if I post really late, you can assume I am on suckling, diaper and no-sleep duty.  Give me some time, and I'll be with you as soon as I can.  Trust me.  If I am crabby, you really don't want me to write a blog anyway.  Then I'll tell you what I really think.  Ha!

So wish me luck with that!  Even though I tease myself about it sometimes, just know that I am really looking forward to becoming a mother and learning about life all over again.

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