Monday, July 14, 2014

Just Around the Block

Let me start with my most notable adventure: kayaking for the first time this summer!  As I sat on 6th Street dock on a warm, sunny, breezeless day, I looked out and saw kayakers by The Gap.  What a perfect day to go kayaking!  So I got my gear together, made sure my life vest still zipped over my belly, and headed out to Lake Fanny Hooe.

It really was perfect out there.  I saw small fishing boats hugging the southern shore, other kayakers, campers on the beaches and ducklings.  I paddled east all the way to the end -- well, almost the end because the sandy shore was too shallow for my rudder by that point.

As the blisters formed on the base of my thumbs, I thank goodness that I was out on a peaceful, sunshiney lake paddling until I wore myself out.  I really was excited to see the launch area when I finally got back.  My strength and stamina aren't quite what is used to be, but now I know where I stand in the paddling department.

The only camera I trusted to take with me on the water was out of battery, so no pictures.  But it was probably good that I had one less thing to futz with on my maiden voyage out.

One thing I haven't mentioned in this blog is the meticulous work of the dude across the street.  Duce knows him as Uncle Pete, and he invented and landscaped "North Park."  He is out there all the time with a weed-whacker, rake or brute strength rearranging his rock piles.  Here's a quick shot.

Side view of North Park

He has a collection of rocks from many mines in the area.  They are labeled and displayed around the trees.  It's a nice free place to visit, rest and learn in da Harbor.

Close-up of some interesting rock colors

For some reason, I have pictures from a few different angles on my block.  Shows how adventurous I have become, hey?

The Copper Harbor Trails Club is once again raffling off this awesome TCTeardrop Trailer.  Tickets are available in town.  Click their link on the sidebar above for more information and a list of other prizes.  Their site wasn't working for me earlier, so I couldn't embed a link.  They are probably doing maintenance or additions.  Anyway, here's a picture of it at the Gas Lite General Store.

Grand Prize Teardrop trailer from the CHTC

Pretty slick.  There's even a new mattress inside.

And right across the street, the Brickside Brewery shares their list of current brews.

Brickside Brewery flavors change weekly

Boy, I do miss sipping that Stone Ship Stout, but my liver is probably grateful for the nine month break. 

Last night I went to Project 49918's The Beginning of the Road Exhibit.  It was well attended, as North One Gallery was bursting at the seams for a while.  The display was really well done, and it had a new feeling when all the pictures were up together.  They are still selling 2015 calendars in town which highlight 12 local business owners on Highway 41 in the winter.  Your's truly is featured the month of April.  I recommend getting one for your house.  I'm getting one for mine!

Okay, on to future events.

Local Events

This Wednesday, the new classic rock band in town, Power of Air, is debuting during Open Mic at Zik's Bar sometime after 9pm.  Usually I wouldn't know something like this, but it's my band!  We will be performing 4-5 songs.  This will probably be our first of a couple other open mics this summer.  We need to practice our stage presence and performance, and this is a low key way to do it.  Maybe we'll see you there!

July 26, 27 is Ladies' Bike Weekend!  This event filled up beyond maximum capacity in 14 hours, so no spots are open, but it's a really cool event.  Professional mountain bike instructor and awesome person, Lindsey Voreis, is the main coach for the skill sessions.  Since I am unable to ride stunts and such, I will be there with camera, notebook and pen!  More info on this at the CHTC link above.

That's all I know for now!  See you next week.

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