Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A New Kind of July

Happy July!  Perhaps this is the first summer living up here that I actually mean that.  The Fourth is a huge weekend up here, of course, and because I have rearranged my life, I'm not dreading it.  I'll probably spend the fireworks hour at home comforting my drooling, shivering puppy.  But who knows.  I may get more adventurous...

If you are up, join us in the newly landscaped park on Friday at 9 pm where the Street Sweepers will play on the band stage.  Then, of course, fireworks at dark from Porter's Island.  The parade that morning starts at 10 am, I believe.  It's a big to-do, you know.

So the work in the park is finished.  It's quite lovely.  I hear that from locals and visitors.

Da new park, eh.

View from the trailhead

Speaking of the trailhead, it sure is busy these days!  The mountain bikers are out in droves.  I always feel a sense of pride when I see them all because my husband built and designed much of that system, and I helped promote it.  Man, I can't wait to ride those trails again myself.  I'll just have to wait until I'm riding for one, as they can be unforgiving.

One day I was out in Clyde's Field, and I was drawn to take a different way around.  I followed the sounds of the bull frogs in the little pond.  There, I actually got to see them making their sound that I can think of no onomatopoeia for.  But I could describe it as an upside down milk jug as the air fills it up after much liquid has come out.  Similar to the blubs on the frozen lake that made me a little skiddish this winter.

So the frogs were neat (alas, I had no camera on me), but then I saw a snake too!  It was harmless -- black with the two light green stripes running down its back.  Probably no longer then two feet long.  But when it saw me, it poised its head like it was on guard.  Then, of course, Duce came trouncing by, and it retreated to the water.  Cool stuff.

Did you know there is a new organization in town?  It's called Copper Harbor Art (CHA).  Yes, we artists finally organized ourselves to promote art in the area.  The last Friday of each month, we do a Gallery Tour/Art Crawl.  Here's the brochure of all participating galleries.  Pick one up when you visit!

Back of the CHA rack card

That's exciting for us.  We are also hosting an Art in Nature workshop for kids.  Here's the flyer for that. Guess who's leading the Creative Writing workshop!

Flyer for the kids' workshops

If you are on facebook, like our page to stay tuned for more Copper Harbor Art events!  And if you are an artist in the area, let me know, so you can join the group and promote your work!

For another art update, yes, my new book is out!  Click on the book on the sidebar above to find out how to get your autographed copy.  I sold nearly 100 copies in the first week already!  Guess that one is in demand.  That really is wonderful to me because the goal was to take the guess work out of exploring this magical area.

Oh heck.  One more writing update.  If you were not aware, I have traded bartending full-time to  prioritizing my writing career.  I am currently working with 3 editors, so you can see my published work pretty much monthly at:

Pretty exciting, huh?  Let that be a lesson in never giving up on your dreams!  I'll leave you with that thought.  See you after the busy weekend!

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