Monday, July 7, 2014

... Is Making Me Hungry

Whew.  Made it through another Independence Day.  The festivities were merry and well-attended.  Town was crawling with visitors.  It was kind of like a zoo after somebody opened all the cages. 

I really only got one patriotic holiday picture, and it was taken before the zoo.  It just made me laugh.

Uncle Sam wishes you a safe holiday!

I hope the celebration was enjoyable by you as well.  For me, it was a treat to see friends, meet new ones and actually have the time to enjoy their company.  I am truly grateful for this new life.

Know what else I am grateful for?  Jamsen's Fish Market and Bakery.  Mostly the bakery part, although I think they're selling cheese curds too.  I know I vouch for them a lot, but I am just a bit addicted.  I actually went there twice on Friday.  But I could not get this case full of goodies out of my head!

The good stuff at Jamsen's Bakery

The thimbleberry frosted donuts on the middle shelf are one of my weaknesses.  Try one for yourself, and tell them I sent you!

Great.  Now I am hungry again.  But this little one in my belly sure makes me eat often.  Help me make it through this post.  Feeding rhymes with weeding, so let's move on to my garden plot.  

Since I was gone last weekend, it became overgrown with plants that I did not sow.  They had to be removed.  I spent two hours on this labor of love.  Check out the time-lapse.  A photo was taken every minute.

After that project, I treated myself to a succulent cucumber from the garden.  Sometimes there's just nothing better, you know?  Our bell peppers are one inch long, and we have green tomatoes on most of the plants!  Good thing we started those seeds in May!  

Now were talking about food again.  Guess what I ate today.  A BILberry!!!  Actually, I ate three, but only one was truly ripe.  They are still 99% green on the bushes, but those few caught my eye.  I'd say there's still a couple weeks before any fulfilling picking can take place.

I found those on a hike that I haven't taken in a while.  It's the Ma Maki hike in my adventure guide, if you have that handy: page 98.  And guess what.  I was also able to i.d. three types of ground cover that I couldn't before.  Well, now all their flowers are up, so I just followed the stems right to the blossoms.  For a wildflower nerd like me, that was way exciting.  Always something new to learn!

I better keep you updated on events.

This weekend, July 12th and 13th is the Run the Keweenaw.  I always volunteer to watch a road crossing or an aid station, and I think those people are crazy.  I would never be able to run 25 Km on the Copper Harbor trails without dying.  Kudos to those sweaty, hardcore people!

July 13th at 7 pm at the North One Gallery, local artist, Donica Dravillas opens her traveling Project 49918 exhibit on The Beginning of the Road.  I plan to be there!  It's really a cool project, and it will tour all the way down U.S. 41 to Miami, Florida!

Sunday, July 20th is Lake Superior Day.  Donny Kilpela usually has fun events planned for the day.  Check it out from 1-4 pm!

I better save some for next time.  Until then, I hope you think this scene is as ironic as I did.  Can you tell what those stairs are for?

Stairway to... um... the Lake?

Oh, I am such a goon sometimes.


  1. Amanda,
    Stairs to Isle Royale Queen? Anyway, love the weeding. You've got a wonderful life.

  2. You got it, Dennis! The Queen was gone for the day. And it is a wonderful life indeed. One of the most empowering things I realized in life was that it's all about making choices, embracing change and following dreams. Take care!