Friday, October 11, 2013

Why People Drive so Slow

I did it.  I went south of the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge for my first time in about three weeks.  Man, am I glad I don't have to make that drive often.  I wouldn't have any hair left, my teeth would be ground to nubs, my fingers would be stuck in a white-knuckle curled position and I would excessively use the words my father told me never to say EVER.  

Why?  This story, excerpted from my book Little Slices of da Harbor, illustrates why I had to slam on the breaks multiple times while driving back home on the Covered Stretch the other day.

Leaf Peepers on “The Covered Stretch” -- By Yours Truly
(Reproduced with my permission)

Wife: Oh, Honey, look at those leaves! Have you ever seen a red color like that before?
Husband: Well, no, I --
Wife: Slow down! Let me get the camera ready.
Husband: But there’s a car right behind us.
Wife: Well, pull over then.
Husband: Look at this road. Where am I supposed to pull over?
Wife: I don’t know, just -- ugh. We missed it. Oh, my word! Look at that orange! Is that a maple?: I think so.
Wife: Well, slow down! I’m missing it!
Husband: But that car is right on my tail!
Wife: So find a spot to pull over.
Husband: Honey, look at this road! There is not place to --
Wife: There! On the left!
Husband: That’s the other side of the --
Wife: Pull! Pull! Stop!
Husband: Ahhh! Okay!
Wife: Whew. There. Nice job.
Husband: You mean nice job not getting us killed.
Wife: I suppose. Yeah, cuz this really isn’t the best spot to take pictures. Besides, that road sign is in the way. Let’s see what’s up ahead. Just go slow.

However, in their defense, this is what the drive looked like on Wednesday.

Color Report
Let that be all for the color report.  Brockway is rainbowing up nicely.  We had a gorgeous week for weather too.  If you weren't up here, then you'll just have to live vicariously (which is what I'm here for).  However, Mt. Bohemia is still offering their Fall Chair Lift rides this weekend.  There's still time to savor it!

Back to work for me... two nights until I'm freeeeeeeeeeeee!


  1. I remember my grandfather telling me about a fatal crash, somewhere along 41, maybe 50 years ago or more, because someone stopped to take pictures. People are stupid, that's why we have fire departments.

  2. Oh sure. Rub it in. How can you stand it? Such a horrific environment. Where are the tall buildings and 4-lane traffic jams and broken concrete and pollution and muggers and....oops. Sorry. I just threw up in my mouth a little there. Ahhh, that's better. Anyway, so sorry you have to endure such views. Too bad too that Harbor Haus is closing for the season and you have to live with that view all day long now. You're such a trooper. Or, would that be Yooper?

  3. So, Amanda. How are you managing with all of the free time? Have you filled it yet?