Monday, October 21, 2013

Adventure Resumes!

How quickly I went from having the dilemma of not enough time to adventure, meaning I don't have much to share (or time to share it) to the opposite dilemma of too much footage on all the adventures I've been having, meaning I spend lots of time uploading and editing images.  Oh.  You don't care about that.  You just want to see some pictures!

Well, Saturday I got out on some shuttle runs.  Shuttles runs occur when the bike rider pays a fee to the Keweenaw Adventure Company, so the biker and their bike can be transported to the top of either Brockway Mountain Drive or the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge where they then get the thrill of the downhill without the pant of the climb.  Sound like cheating?  It is.  But then the biker gets to keep all their energy for conquering the obstacles instead of huffing up the mountains.

And on that Saturday, I rode down three of the trails I haven't ridden yet either because I was too chicken or time didn't permit: Daisy Dukes, The Overflow and Downtown.  A-ma-zing.  I rode more obstacles than I thought I would and only crashed a couple times!  Nothing major, just some bruising.

I did record my trip down The Overflow, but my camera kept drooping on my handlebar, and there is just too much footage of my feet!  You can find videos of that on youtube anyway -- from real riders!

And yesterday I got to paddle my kayak to Porter's Island!!!  Here is a picture from after I dragged her down the hill on a little dolly.

The Muktuk made it to the shore!

I can only imagine what people thought as this little thing in a wetsuit, lifevest and spray skirt chased the wheeled end of a 16 foot boat down the hill toward the Harbor Haus launch.  But that's just life, and I do goofy things a lot.

I sprinted to Porter's Island only to find that there really isn't much for landing areas on the south side.  I was nervous to go around to the north to park because the waves were tumbling on that side.  I paddled around until I found a spot.  Before I pulled in, I took this picture.

My ship and I looking toward our little town

Then I just hiked around the whole island counter-clockwise in my wetsuit and booties.  Good thing I didn't see anyone out there!  But here are some things I did see!

From the east end looking west

From the west end looking south toward town

I also had to take a few moments to watch the little wonders in the island.

Cool, hey?  And I was sober!

Also, if you can't wait for a weekly post, I did start a twitter account.  It's @writingdaharbor.  Once I figure out how to imbed it in this blog, you can stay updated without starting your own account!  See, I'm always thinking of you!


  1. Hey Amanda!! Way to go - conquering the Overflow like you said you would !! Fun story per kayaking. Can just imagine the stares if CH loaded with tourists . .:)). Aspens in full color on Brockway for sure. And, the video of the 41 cathedral of color last time was great. (found a source for Korbinian down here). Thanks for the fun updates, and stay healthy - a few bruises allowed.

  2. Hey, nice boat. Were you concerned if people saw you in your wet suit that they might get too excited?

  3. John: Thanks! I thought of you and Nancy before I descended. Thanks for all your encouragement. Glad you found the Korbinian!
    Rich: I was wearing a man's wetsuit. It is not flattering... just goofy.
    Take care!