Sunday, October 6, 2013

Prime Color Time!

Well the weather certainly didn't cooperate for all the tourists this weekend.  I'm sure that packing for 50 - 60 degrees of fog, rain and high winds didn't make their suitcases feel loved.  But they came any way.  They came to mountain bike, ride Bohemia's chair lift and look at the colors.  The locals and I still shake our heads in amazement at all the traffic still in town.

Color Report
But the leaves are primo right now!  If you can capture colors through the mist and fog, you have it made.  Today my friends Hannah, Tiki and I hiked around the trails, so I could find some color for you.  Though Brockway Valley is still pretty green, here is a shot to show you Aetna Ridge by the Burma Road.  You have to look into the distance of this picture.

Colors behind Lake Manganese toward Aetna Ridge

It was a bit too gray and foggy for my GoPro to expose the colors justifiably.  But Hannah and I stared with dropped jaws by the lake.  Tiki, well, she didn't care because she's colorblind.  At least that's what I hear about dogs.

Come on up this week to see the rest of the colors.  As far as forecasts go, though I am not a believer in them, this next week should be like a dream vacation.  Colors, nice weather and still a chance to get your Harbor Haus dinner!  Don't wait any longer.

We saw quite the mushroom spectacle in our hike too.  They grew nearly half way around the trunk of this tree!

Tree-hugging mushrooms

I need to get out on a few more adventures before the snow flies.  I hope I can find the time to cross them all off my list.  After this next week, that won't be too hard as long as I manage my time well and stay focused on my goals.  Wish me luck, and you'll reap the benefits!


  1. Just a quick question. Has Isle Royale been closed because of the government shutdown? Just curious.

  2. Yes, it has. It's a national park. Luckily the Queen IV already stopped running, and the Ranger III was prepared for it. Probably just moose and wolves out there now!