Wednesday, April 3, 2013

One Day, Two Adventures

Yesterday I went for a couple fun little adventures, so I may as well share them with you before I forget all the good parts.

Early on, I took my medium-sized red dog friend, Tiki, out toward the Nose of Brockway.  Don't worry, now, I know my way around.  I walked along the cross country ski trail behind the park the whole way without putting my snowshoes on.  Even the untouched snow was treadable.  The sun and sprinkle of rain just iced it right up.  The word "crust-shoeing" stuck in my head.

I didn't need snowshoes on the snowmobile trail either.  Just a leisurely walk through da Harbor.  I planned to hike up the snowmobile trail to the nose, but, along the way, I saw a nice rolling section to take me up -- nothing too steep.  Then I strapped those babies on and powered up the hill.

On such a sunny day, the view was gorgeous.  Now I know you have seen this view a million times from a hundred different photographers (probably even yourself!), but here it is again.  It's always slightly different, you know.

View from Brockway's Nose 3/2/13

Whether I pant or drive up there, the view always stops me in my tracks.  

The way down was a hoot.  I pretty much slid on my keester the whole way!  That would have made an exciting video, but you can't have it all, I guess.  We trounced back to town, feeling quite dandy.

Later, Aaron asked me if I wanted to rescue a canoe from Porter's Island.  Heck yeah, I did!

We parked at the Brockway Mountain Drive entrance.  Following Aaron, I power-walked the south beach of Hunter's Point.  It was so beautiful looking at my little town in the evening sunlight.  At the gap crossing, everything was covered in a layer of glare ice!

Looking toward Lake Superior from the gap

A view of Porter's Island and East Bluff from the gap

"Are you coming?  What are you doing?"  Aaron naively asked.  "Taking pictures, for my readers!"  Duh, it's not every day I get come here!

At Porter's Island we found the canoe right away.  Here is proof that we really found a canoe.

Aaron dragging the canoe across the ice

Then for the best part.  We got to paddle across the Harbor!  The water was slightly choppy, but we powered straight across to Jamsen's Fish Market.  I wanted to paddle all night!  Well, at least a little longer, but we were on a mission, not a joy ride.

We pulled the canoe up, walked to the truck, drove back and loaded the canoe.  Do you know what I saw while we were loading the canoe?  A freighter!  Fisherman Aaron said he's been seeing them for two weeks, but that was my first.

Guess that means spring is coming???

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  1. Love it, Pants! Thanks for taking the Tikster :) She loves you and so do I! Are you taking those pics with a GoPro or wah?