Monday, April 1, 2013

Flying Man in a Blizzard

My plan worked for a little while.  I've always found that when I accept things for what they are, they get better.  Whether it's a change beyond my control or just that switch in my brain, something gets better.

Like after my last post where I decided to embrace winter instead of wishing it away.  Do you know what happened within an hour after I posted that???  The sun came out for days!  Roofs were dripping. Ice turned to slush and mud.  Puddles poured down the roads.  Night skies were clear and bright with stars.  So beautiful!

Then yesterday, I was taken by surprise.  I'm not one to watch the weather unless I'm going camping.  I know the Big Lake does what it wants when it wants; no one can predict that.  But imagine my surprise when, after those sunny days, yesterday tossed us a blizzard with gusts up to 40 mph!

Aaron got out his kite (a bit more controllable than a parachute) and we headed to Lake Fanny Hooe.  Check this out.

On that dive that he took, he told me he missed the handle by two inches.  The wind never gives a second chance.  So we drove down the lake to look for that neon nylon contraption.  Luckily, when we finally found the kite in the trees, it was still in one fine piece.  But the winds were too turbulent for us to try it again.  That was it for the day!

But good news: If you don't already know, I am pleased to announce that my next book is drafted.  I am now marking it up with blue ink to make sure it's perfect.  

Superior Silents: Maximize Your Adventures in Copper Harbor will be on the shelves this summer!  If you've ever wondered where to take your bike, skis, canoe, hiking boots or running shoes, get your hands on this book.  I'll keep you updated!

The sun just popped out now... we'll see what happens next!

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  1. I do love that HelmetCam Amanda... and you and Aaron were definitely meant for each other, half crazy with adventure! I'ts great to watch you guys embracing the elements. Thank you for that. I can't wait for the new book, but I do want a signed copy this time.