Thursday, January 17, 2013

Snowing and Blowing

Ha!  I knew the arbutus threat would work.  Just hours after I posted about searching for springtime flowers, it snowed.  And snowed and snowed and snowed!  I shoveled twice the first day it started and three times the second day it continued.  

It was all mostly fluff, however.  We call it champagne snow because you can blow on it, and it just poofs into the air.  We were hoping it would settle a bit, but today is soooooo cold!  Weather Underground says it "feels like" -17 F with windchill.  These are not UP temps!

With winds from the WNW at 25 mph, I'd love to sail across Lake Fanny Hooe again, but I want to keep my nose, fingers and toes!  (Look at me being sensible for once.)  I have been scouting the ice out there and watching the wind because lots more people want to parachute across with us.  Maybe it's because that Para-sledding video made the TV6 News out of Marquette!  I don't know who put it on there, but that just makes it that much more exciting for us!

So far it's snowing on and off today.  If you would like to keep a detailed eye on the snow up here, I have added John Dee's website to my "Harbor Links" on the left column.  Go to his snowfall report and check out his other weather stats.  He is on it!

Thus far Mount Bohemia is predicted to open January 25th.  Feel free to visit their link on the left if you are interested.  I'm ready to shred some pow.

Oh, and with this snow, a few friends and I wend sledding down Brockway Mountain Drive.  You know, that first steep curve on the way up from Copper Harbor?  Yeah, you can really get rippin' down there.  Good thing I figured out how to steer the sled!  Now we just need windshields, so we don't have to squeegee our faces on the way down.

If this snow keeps up, we just might have a real winter!  Keep your fingers crossed.

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  1. Wow! Minus 17 degree windchill is and amazingly low temp for the area. As the grandchild of Calumet and Marquette mining families I've heard the stories of the incredible snowfalls. My Calumet people said the temps were never a big was keeping up with the snow removal. Happy to hear you've been getting snow. Southeast Michigan where I am has bare ground with some of the grass actually looking green but the frigid temps will be here starting tomorrow - no word on any snow yet.

    I really enjoy reading your blog and I'm looking forward to another visit to the area this spring/summer. Can't wait.