Monday, January 28, 2013

Frosty the Harbor

So far I haven't come across any major ice volcanoes.  However, while driving down toward the blinking light, I saw some nice white mounds by Porter's Island.  I'll have to go check those out.

But that Monday I went hunting for them, I got another surprise.

Duce, Tiki, Steve and I went out to the lighthouse (a favorite past time) in search of the splashing beasts.  Now this was one of those really cold days with a wind off the lake (which should have made it feel warmer, but Mother Nature must have been having one of those days).  Instead, this is what we found.

A frosty little tree!

An eight foot high conglomerate covered in icicles

The spot where you can see the Chrysocolla

The crew battling the icy shore

Icicles on the end of the dock

Then we went to the shore by the Water Treatment Plant, but the Harbor was freezing over, so not much excitement there.  Just cold!

I believe everyone in town survived the negative degree nastiness.  Now we are relishing in the snow.  We got so much consistent snow that I was inspired to write a few haikus (or at least my version of them).  Here are a couple. 

After busting through
Medora's drifts, one brown leaf
lays on the white ground

Calumet snowbanks
piled so high, the houses
look like triangles

Today was the first day I got to snowboard Mt. Bohemia.  It was awesome!  Five to six inches of fresh, heavy snow.  I can't even really call it powder because it was so buttery!  But I got fresh tracks on nearly every run I took, and some of them were mostly freshies!

It was great to get back into that game.  I love watching the clouds spin over Lac La Belle.  It was a gorgeous winter day.  The sky was blue in da Harbor this morning.  Temps warmed up to drips.  The wind shook not a leaf.  And, of course, we got more snow.

Well, let's see what this next week brings!


  1. Oh how I loved the daily rhythm of snowfall back in the late seventies. brings back fond memories. The poems were great Amanda, Thanks

  2. Hey Michael! Thanks for your comments. They are always relevant and thoughtful.