Saturday, November 17, 2012


Hunting season.  Okay, so what does that mean for me?  Aaron and his papa are out in da Keweenaw woods from dark til dark.  I have all day to spend with my pup.  But what can I really do besides write, make egg rolls and crochet hacky sacks?

I can hike to Hunter's Point without getting shot.  I can hike through Fort Wilkins without getting shot.  And I can hike through Clyde's field without getting shot.  Those are all fine places, but what do they lack?  Elevation.

I LOVE climbing hills.  I love climbing the mountains around here.  It's an awesome workout with a great view and little to no gear.  Love it.  But I can't go up the mountains safely right now.  Sure I could don the blaze orange and make the dog wear a safety vest, but it's not the same.  Plus, the hunters get upset when passers infringe on their territory.  I don't blame them.  They worked hard to sit there so quietly without a sound or scent.  I just miss my hills.

Thanks for listening.  I try not to complain, but, you know, I have to fill you in on the happenings, and that's how I feel about it!  Aaron is a hunter anyway, and he just got his young buck today.  "Easiest buck I ever shot."  Good, we didn't have to track it through the woods for hours like last year.

But in all reality, life is good!  I have time to work on many of the projects I made lists of over the summer.  I am so grateful for this time of year to catch up on what I call life.  Oh, life.  Thank you for still being here between work seasons.

On a present note, do you need a copy of Little Slices of da Harbor for any of your loved ones for the holidays?  If so, you can send me a check for $12.95 for each personally autographed copy, and I will ship your book(s) for free!  Here's the kicker: I will need to receive your request by December 1st.  I'll be on my official honeymoon in Hawaii for two weeks, and your book may not reach the recipient in time for Christmas after I get back.  (On the bright side, you will get to see my little slice of Hawaii while I'm there!)

If you haven't seen this book, you can get a free sneak peek of the winter season by clicking here.  You can send your check and request to me at P.O. Box 94 in beautiful Copper Harbor, MI 49918.  If you like, mention that you read my blog, and I'll throw in a black market F.A.Q. pamphlet too!  Happy holidays!

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