Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Copper Harbor Cemetery

Last Thursday I served a lady chardonnay, and she proceeded to tell me what she did with her day.  The event that stuck out most in my mind was her visit to the Copper Harbor cemetery.  She said it was beautiful with the falling leaves.  I went there today to show you.  Come on!

The official sign

The gates were open, and Duce was waiting

The first marker to stick out, decked with a copper nugget!

This cemetery ascends in elevation
A cliff from Brockway is right behind it

Lots of empty fences

Dr. John Livermore died October 14, 1861
(I don't know who he was, but that was a long time ago!)

The last line stuck out to me:
"At peace with God, beloved by all.
And ready at his Savior's call.
Be ye also ready"

"AMANDA" That's really all it said.  Yikes!

A view from the back toward the bottom

The leaves fell upon her leaves

I noticed the "NO HUNTING" sign on my way out the gate

I am not (well, at least I try not to be) an overly sentimental person.  I try to view life's events as lessons and journeys.  I'd rather learn than cry.  So it was interesting walking through these stones.  Some people I knew.  Some I had heard of before.  Some are still alive, just marking their resting place.

It was a little different for me to be in there, since I don't wish to be buried in that fashion.  Throw my ashes off the top of Brockway in the wind, and I'll end up everywhere I want to be.  Maybe I'll even wash up on Isle Royale someday!  But I'm getting a little too personal for this blog's purpose.  

As you can see from these pictures, the leaves are still really colorful up here.  It's been a beautiful fall, and now that I am done working  six days a week, I'm going to take full advantage.  Hello Life!  Here we go!


  1. As visitors we walked and contemplated in the cemetery, just to see the names and some of the history, I am glad you did it especially with the fall colors. The cemetery down toward the end of 5 Mile road is interesting too. There are a couple more near the old mining towns we haven't done yet but will do.


    Denny FL

  2. Enjoyed your ending comments! My ashes will be tossed in the wind too...South Shore of Lake Superior, Wisconsin.

    Great photos!

  3. Beautiful pictures and the falling leaves are fitting for the seen. Thanks for my Copper Country fix. If I had the means I would live out my remaining days in Da Harbor.