Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Clyde's Field

If you have ventured off the streets of Copper Harbor, chances are, you have been through Clyde's field.  Clyde's field is the large, flat area behind the one room schoolhouse and the park.  It is most easily accessed at the trail head by the welcome center.

This is the place that often starts my journeys, be it a hike, bike or snowshoe.  It provides the gateway to the trails!  The last few times I have been back there, I found some things you might like to see as well.  Come along!

Looking over the first pond, west into the Garden Brook Valley

Over the pond toward Brockway's nose

The second pond is all dried up.
Can you see who's at the other end?

The great blue heron!

I can now take this pond as a shortcut to the south trail

No shortage of mushrooms this fall

This puffball is as big as my mitten!

The maples litter the trails...

... with brilliance!

One thing I didn't get a picture of is the pigeon I saw a few days ago.  A pigeon?  I had to inspect it to make sure.  I don't know how a pigeon got up here, but I hope it survives!

As for the heron, I have seen it every morning for the past few days.  And at least once a week before that.  It flies so quietly when Duce startles it, but it always lands back in the area.  Such a majestic bird.

I have been seeing mushrooms of all shapes and sizes this fall.  More than I have ever seen.  I doubt that most of them are edible, and I don't have the knowledge to safely try them.  But I must have seen at least six varieties.  Some of them are so big, the conditions must be just right.  It's been fun discovering those!

Another thing I find myself instinctively enjoying this time of year are the deer trails.  Maybe it's because I'm not so overwhelmed with tourists that I get more adventurous, but I find myself following an animal path through the woods almost every time I go out.  I love to see new places, and how the landscape varies.  Sometimes Duce leads me into some tight spaces, but we always find our way out.  They say curiosity killed the cat, but hopefully we'll survive.


  1. I loved this post Amanda! Although my wife and I have been visiting the Keweenaw and Copper Harbor for the past 35 years we've yet to explore the Clydes Field area. I'm sure it's been right under our noses. One of the great things about this area is the multitude of habitats and variety of experiences. Thanks so much for sharing your first hand knowledge.

  2. Bears? I saw one last year off the road. Cool. How 'bout you?... Saw the piece in the Freep and wanted to check it out... Ate at Fitzgerald's this year. Great selection of whiskey!... Slept with our window open at the Eagle Harbor Inn. Cool, fresh and soothing to hear the ocean waves all night. Oh yeah, I mean, lake. Stars forever... And what's the trick to finding agates?! Petoskeys are easier... Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow ... Gracias for sharing the view.

  3. Saw the Freep plug on your book... Cool. Saw a bear off the road last summer. All that trekking--what's your experience with bears?... Ate down the road at Fitzgerald's this year. Impressive whiskey selection... Stayed at the Inn there and slept with open windows to see a million stars, feel the crisp night air, and hear the ocean waves rolling in and out all night... OK -- the LAKE... Thanks for sharing the pics... Just like being there.

  4. S and M, I haven't seen a bear in two years. I have a few friends with sightings, though. I miss seeing the bears because I think, knock on wood, that I've seen enough so I'm not scared when I come across one. They are probably more afraid of me anyway! I know, I'm scary. Thanks for enjoying!