Thursday, August 9, 2012

Capturing this August

It's been too long since I posted any pictures.  So guess what I did this morning!  I biked around (with both hands on the bars) and took some pictures of what I thought captures da Harbor at present.  It's August 9th -- the peak of our summer.

Today is a bit cooler and gray, so I really didn't see as many people roaming, but I found some fitting images.  They are displayed in the order I shot them.

This year's common tansy grows with last year's

My favorite rose bushes by the Welcome Center are turning to hips already
(I sniff them every time I go by)


The mint is flowering

A view of the new lookout on Brockway's Nose

Um, apples in August?

The Lighthouse Ferry cruises toward the gap


Kayak tour life vests hang out to dry

Geese and ducks float toward the water walkway

The Isle Royale parking lot is packed with cars
(Another reason I go there in May!)

The playground fund is up to $60,000!

Bike and canoe rentals are in full swing

A man checks his iphone with Brickside's wifi connection
(This made me laugh...)

I could have gone farther out of town, but a few sprinkles fell on me, so I headed back.  I had enough fun for the day.

Oh, but here is the best part.  I checked on the jewelweed plants to see if the pods were ready.

Thanks to everyone who introduced themself to me this summer as a reader of my blog.  I am writing for you, you know!


  1. I look forward to your posts every week so keep them coming. I would love to live back home in the U.P. on the Keweenaw side of the Protage bridge. Best place on earth!

  2. Thanks for the August photo montage Amanda... very nice. We're actually starting to feel just a hint of autumn in the air here in Minnesota, what with the cooler nights and some trees starting to turn already. I hope your late Keweenaw summer lingers for many weeks to come. I do look forward to heading back up for the real fall season in early October which from my experience can often be the most enjoyable time of year in the north country. Please enjoy it to the max for all of your envious fans. Take care.