Saturday, June 23, 2012

Back in da Woods

Oh baby, I am BACK!  I get to enjoy life in da Harbor, and it sure is beautiful!

I’ve gotten to take a couple good hikes lately.  Lots more wildflowers are opening up.  I saw my first blossomed pipsissewa today!  Most of them are still closed.  Only two were open on my whole journey, and I was tickled. 

Know what else I saw?  Green blueberries and thimbleberries!  We are going to have thimbleberries in July; that might be a first!  And the blueberries look like they’re going to be abundant!  Oooh, I can taste them in my mind…

I’ve sited and identified some new flowers: purple meadow rue, northern water speedwell, northern bush honeysuckle and smooth red-tipped rose.  I’m also working on telling apart the wild carrot, cow parsnip, water parsnip and water hemlock.  This is especially important because two are edible, two cause skin irritation and one causes death if ingested.  They all have very similar flower clusters, but the leaves are where I will have to take notes.

Let me bring you out of the peaceful woods and into town.  It’s the Longest Day Fishing Tournament.  Lots of boats.  Lots of people.  Lots of Old Milwaukee.  Lots of sunburns too!  So town is a little crazy, but next week will probably be even more so.

I go back to work Wednesday, which is nice because I’m starting to feel like a bum while all my friends are working all the time.  I’m enjoying my time off, of course, but tis the season to make hay.  And when I go back to work, it will be a hay day.  I will be running my butt off.  Tourists will be everywhere.  Here we go again! 

But life is good in da Harbor, and I just need to remember that.  I am one lucky lady!

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  1. Welcome back Amanda! Hope you're fully recovered and able to enjoy your slice of paradise. I'm sure you're making the most of the never ending days up in da Keweenaw this time of year. Happy Solstice!