Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What I Did, What I Should Be Doing and What I Will Do

I really try not to get too personal in this blog, but last week, I was consumed by a very special event -- my wedding!  Since the ceremony was on the shore of Hunter's Point, and the reception was in the township park, it certainly relates as a wedding in da Harbor.

The rain held off all day for us.  Family and friends travelled from afar and neighbors travelled from across the street to share in the celebration of our love.  Here are some pictures that I found on facebook.  Sorry, I don't remember who took them all!

My papa walking me down the beach rock aisle

Making our way to the "altar"

Of course, Duce has to be a part of everything!

Yes!  I may kiss the groom!

So now I am Mrs. Rogers.  Not too bad, hey?

Well, I guess the only "bad" thing is that my adrenal glands are shot for the time being.  Today is the big excursion from Chassel to Phoenix on road bikes, Phoenix to Delaware running and Delaware to Copper Harbor walking.  Sound familiar?  This is the annual Keweenaw Path fundraiser for the Gundlach Shelter for women and children.

I was supposed to do the bike leg, but I can hardly dress myself let alone pedal 34 miles.  I truly am bummed to miss this event, but my heart goes out to all who are participating.  Now I will have to give a monetary contribution to support this worthy cause.  You can too!  Make your check payable to:

Gundlach Shelter Home
Calumet, MI 49913

And make a note that your donation is via the Keweenaw Path Fundraiser.  Or you can donate online with this link!  Don't be shy, domestic abuse is one of the most common crimes in Keweenaw County.  Thanks for your support!

Other than that, guess who else is back in town.  The bell buoy!  I first heard him on Thursday.  Welcome back bell buoy!  Nice to see and hear you again!

Gosh, lots of new life is popping up too.  Fiddleheads are delicious.  Forget-me-nots have bloomed.  I think I have seen leaves on every kind of berry bush (not that I pay attention).  Lots of raptors and migrating birds are coasting in the Brockway Valley.  And, if I have to admit it, I have seen a few swarms of blackflies. Here we go, people.  Get your bug nets out!

Now guess where I am going this weekend.  I'll give you a hint.  It's the only place I could love more than da Harbor.  You got it!  Isle Royale!  My husband (Ha!  Husband!) and I are cruising there for the weekend to hike parts of the north shore.  Oh, I am so excited to be there again.  I'm sure I'll have some great pictures and stories for you after that!

Well thanks for making it to the bottom of this lengthy (and somewhat mushy) post.  Hoo, you and me both!  Now I need a nap!


  1. Yay!
    How fun, what a great way to get married. Have a fun time hiking Isle Royale.

  2. Congratulations Amanda! What a great place to have a wedding... and a life. Wishing all the best to both of you.

  3. Congratulations! A long and happy life to you and your husband in God's country!

  4. Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Rogers. Good name, was my maiden name. What a beautiful to have your wedding.

  5. You forgot to say how cold it was on those bare shoulders. You took it like a true yooper.

  6. Amanda,

    Congratulations! I can't imagine a more perfect setting for your wedding. Truely an outstanding choice. And you didn't even have to travel far to get to it. You can, and I'm sure WILL, return to visit the place you got married any day you want for many years to come. Wonderful.


  7. Sweet! Your wedding was the nicest and most fun of any that I have attended in many years. Everything worked! Congratulations!

    Best, George

  8. Sweet! I'm a longtime reader of your blog, an occasional summer resident of CH, and I actually got married at what looks like almost that same spot about 11 years ago this summer (we were on the lake side of Porter Island). Congratulations on your wedding and thanks so much for the chance to keep my eye on the harbor from so far across the country.