Saturday, May 26, 2012

Brockway Gets a Nose Job

For the past few mornings, I've been seeing this when I look up at the Nose of Brockway from town.

Notice the yellow at the top of Brockway Nose

Soon after, someone mentioned that the county is doing work up there.  Well, I had to know what was going on.  Is Brockway getting a nose job?  I took a ride up to the first lookout.  Sure enough.  Cosmetic surgery.

Barrels block any entrance to the work site

Some of the equipment on the nose

Looks like pillars are being erected

Molding and drying the pillars

The view of the new wall from the edge of the nose

How they locked the tires, so the tank doesn't roll away

Honestly, I still don't know exactly what is going on up there, but there is a wall being built.  It may be for safety.  It may be to enhance the view of the town below.  I'll let you know when I find out for sure, and I'll show you some pictures.

With her new facelift, I wonder if Brockway will go to Hollywood.  Nah, she's too down to earth to sell out.


  1. Thank you, Amanda for the GREAT pictures of the work that is going on at Brockway Mountain. It will sure be interesting to see what the construction will end up being? You do a wonderful job posting so many beautiful pictures of the Copper Harbor area, and telling a story to each of those pictures. Really enjoy your site. Also congratulations on your marriage ! :]

  2. Great pictures. I'm not sure I like this new wall though...did we lose any tourists last season?