Wednesday, April 25, 2012

From what I Remember...

Oooooo, new signs of wildlife are around us in da Harbor!!!  

So far I have sighted flowers of Trailing Arbutus, Hepatica, Marsh Marigold and Periwinkle.  I have seen leaves of Harry Vetch, Common Tansy and Wood Anemone.  As for fauna, the Sandhill Cranes have been heard gluttering around these parts.  They make one of the wildest sounds.  Well, maybe I think it's wild because it's one of the only birds I can't figure out how to imitate.  I keep trying, though!

Then there's the drumming Grouse.  Have you ever heard a grouse beating its wings in the woods?  It's such a neat sound.  One of my favorite times to hear them is while I'm on a climb during a mountain bike ride, and I stop.  All I can hear is my pulse beating through my head (hey, it's some tough climbing up here!).  Then all the sudden, my pulse starts beating so fast that before I think I'm about to explode, I realize that sound has switched to a Grouse's wings accelerating.  That gets me every time.  I love it.

I must say, this is my favorite time of year in da Harbor (besides early fall and a winter powder day and a summer day spent in the woods).  I mean, nobody is around.  It's just us locals, and people seem to be in high spirits.  Today has been a little warmer as well, and the buds are nosing their way out a little farther.  I am at such a nice peacefulness today, that I am grateful for this time of year.  I have a whole month before I start working full time.  Though I have lots of projects to do in that month, I really don't have any worries.  Ahhhh.  I do love the spring.

I apologize because I had so much to tell you, but now, as I sit and type, I believe I have forgotten much of it.  Hopefully, if it was worth it, I'll weave it into a future post.  Thanks for your patience!  

One more thing, the Isle Royale Queen IV is on her way back from the Portage Canal right now!  I can't wait to wave her in!!!


  1. Hey Amanda, when are we going to get the West cam back on the CH web site? I keep checking but it's never there. Of course it's only been gone, what, 2 years? Just say'n.....
    Thanks for the nice post. It reminds me how much I love it there.

  2. Amanda, I agree that the drumming of ruffed grouse is an incredible, exhilarating sound... a sure sign of Spring! I'm surprised that I've yet to hear my first here in southern Minnesota during such an early season. Still waiting and listening...