Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Intermission and a Sunrise

Nice and cool in da Harbor today.  Which is funny because two days ago we sweltered in that miserably heat and humidity.  I often think the weather is just like a woman.  Make your own insinuations here.

The pace of life has cooled off too, during this intermission between summer and color season.  With this comes a drop in business hours.  The Isle Royale Queen IV, which shipped out and back every day until Labor Day, now only runs on Mondays and Fridays.  Now I have to look at the clock in the morning to see when it's 8:00 because her horn doesn't notify me.

And with that comes later hours for other businesses in town.  The Pines and The Tamarack get to open later, which seems to make the waitresses and cooks happy.  Also, the General Store opens TWO hours later, making my mornings a little quieter without the coffee talk and laughter from across the way.  It's different, all right.  I'm not sure how to feel about it yet.  It seems like it went by so fast when it's all over.

But it's not over!  This is just an intermission.  Please purchase your snacks, and use the restroom now.  The show will continue promptly when those leaves change colors.  Speaking of…

Color Update
The small maples are changing nicely to magentas and crimsons.  The tall trees of all kinds are still green.  The ferns are going brown and yellow.  The bilberry bushes are turning red.  With this cooler weather, the rest may change a bit sooner.  But don't jump in your car just yet.

Here is a treat for you (unless you are sick of sunrise pictures).  Last Sunday I slept on a peaceful, pebbly beach in hopes to see some northern lights.  No avail.  Good thing I planned for the following 5 hours because, after Lake Superior woke me up with a crashing wave at the bottom of my sleeping bag, I noticed the pink sky.  Below is the first color scheme I captured.

I took a plethora of pictures, but I didn't want to bore you, so here is one after the sun came up.  The pink subsided a bit, but it was still quite lovely!

During Mr. Butters and my time watching the sun come up, an eagle flew overhead to see if we were tasty snacks.  One wave of my arm assured him that we most certainly were not.  Off he flew, disappointed and hungry.  Darn, I should have brought some eagle snacks.

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