Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fresh Air

Happy post Labor Day!  I hope you had a fun weekend.  Da Harbor was pretty nuts, but we'd worry if it wasn't.

The Fat Tire Festival was a huge success.  We had a whopping 437 racers for our cross country event -- over 100 more than our last record!  Wow, this little town has a lot to say for itself.  You can check results for this race at the Trails Club link on the left.  

Also for your viewing pleasure, here is a link to a video I took across from the Mariner of the mass start of the race.  Lots of spandex, my friend.  Note the unicycles toward the end.  What troopers!

Now the town has a sigh of relief and an air of peace.  Ahh.  Summer isn't over yet, but a bulk of the families are done with their summer vacations.  Now people are wondering when the leaves are going to change colors.  If you are one of these people, you are in luck because I'll post an update every time I write.

Color Update:
Just a few maples are turning crimson.  Thimblberry leaves are turning yellow.  All else is green.  If the weather stays mild like this, it should be about three more weeks until peak and sooner if it gets cold.

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