Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Copper Harbor Sunrise

I thought you might enjoy watching the sunrise with me.  Notice how much it moved over from only two mornings ago, before I went to the Island. 


  1. What a wonderful sequence of images! I can almost feel the cool morning air and smell the late summer woods while sipping my coffee. Thank you Amanda.

  2. Thanks for sharing the sunrise with us. That’s just another reason to live there. The last time I was on the Island I had a completely different experience with the sky. I woke up to answer the “call of nature” around 3 AM. After my business was done I decided to open the door to the cabin and look at the sky. As you know, the moonless sky on the Island is something to see. You forget how many stars are actually up there. Then I shut the door and returned to my bed. However, my mind wouldn’t let it end there. I knew there might not be another chance for what I did next. So, I got up and dressed and took my camera and tripod down to the seaplane dock. I set up and took several time exposures of the sky. I stayed up long enough to capture some of the most amazing purple/red sunrises I’ve ever seen. I got back to bed around 5 AM and slept soundly, knowing I had captured images few people ever see. The only problem with going to Isle Royale is the knowledge that there is really no time you actually want to sleep. Every minute is magical.