Thursday, January 13, 2011

Are You Down with OPP?

A couple times this week I have had the opportunity to volunteer at Ocha Potter Terrain Park up at the Keweenaw Mt. Lodge. Aaron is pretty much in charge of maintaining this hill, so I've gone to help him out.

It's kind of a unique experience. You know how people shovel their sidewalks -- take the snow off and put it in a pile out of the way. Well, we found the snow off the beaten path and dumped it where there just wasn't enough! I literally helped move tons of snow.

My first day I shoveled loads into a dump bucket, started the motor on the cart, drove the cart to the dump spot and dumped it on the pile. Kinda neat, hey? I'm not really a fan of motorized equipment, but after a few loads, I found a soft spot in my heart for the little caddy. I was yankin that pull cord like a champ by the end of it -- just like I always watched Dad do on the lawnmower. And hey, I didn't have to haul 20 pounds of snow shovel by shovel 30 yards to my pile.

The second day, though, I skipped the motorized hauler. Okay, so I didn't have that big of a spot for it in my heart. I opted for the Otter sled. This thing can fit Duce and me inside with room to spare.

So I filled it halfway up with snow each time (so I could lift it) and slid it down to the rail whose legs I had to cover. The rail was one that snowboarders would ride a ramp up and onto, and slide across. The metal poles on the bottom, however, stuck out sideways like feet. I had to cover those up and pank them down in case anybody falls off. They sure wouldn't want a steel corner in their back! Just a guess.

It was pretty fun, sweating voluntarily. It was hours of labor all together. I was getting my exercise in the white woods, and helping others too. I don't know how adventurous you feel, but the terrain park is ready to go, if you need some excitement in your life. Maybe someday I'll even try it myself....

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