Monday, November 8, 2010


Here I sit in a Super 8 motel in Jackson, WY in 20something degree weather with snow on and off. How did I get here, you ask?

We left the ever-friendly and beautiful-hill-laiden Rapid City on Saturday (I will miss you!). Later that day we arrived in Glendo, WY. A middle of nowhere town with a great dammed reservoir and bike trails. Aaron found his trail-building friend there who took us on a ride around the rim of the reservoir. Pretty cool view -- especially as the sun set. It was there that I had my first endo (flying over the handlebars) of the trip. I escaped with only semi-minor bruising and soreness. I am mostly healed up now.

From there we drove South, through Cheyenne, WY to Curt Gowdy State Park. On our way, dark clouds loomed and threatened rain. The wind whipped Lake Superior style. We found a well-tucked campsite and set up camp. When the rain cleared up, and we worked up some courage, we rode the Curt Gowdy trails.

Personally, my favorite part was the landscape. Oh. My. Goodness gracious. Now I'm a big fan of boulders -- especially boulders stacked upon boulders. This place was full of them. Boulders in the distance. Boulders around the trail. Boulders under the trail. I made some sounds that probably resembled an orgasming woman choking on a gumdrop. Yeah, it was that good.

Here is Aaron (on the left in red) riding past one example.

And there I was again, in my biking shoes which don't allow for scaling boulders. I was so enamored by these sights that I truly tipped over on my bike about 13 times. It was so worth it.

And even better, the next morning, I took a hike up to a great lookout. Yes. I was free to climb and roam as I pleased... without fear of falling off a bike. Now that's what I'm talking about!

Oh, but I can't forget to mention our dinner after the bike ride. We took a drive about 15 miles north to the Bunkhouse Bar and Grill. We walked in to locals smoking at the bar -- one wearing a cowboy hat. A variety of stuffed heads and birds decked the walls. Country music played over the speakers (anything else would have been blasphemy). And best of all: $2 well drinks. Boy, I had me three gin and tonics just because. I was glad I wore my new Stetson pants in there. Yee haw!

Tomorrow promises a trip north through Yellowstone and the Tetons to Spokane, WA where my brother will be eagerly waiting our arrival -- at least 11 hours later. Take care!

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