Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Rapid City, SD

Greetings from Rapid City, South Dakota! Considering this is already the fourth day I have been out of da Harbor, I have lots to say. However, I am also an advocate of conciseness, so I'll try to keep it to the most exciting parts.

First a little background, so you know why I am in Rapid City: Aaron and his trail building partner, Elias, are building a new trail here. Elias's dad, Rich, and I drove out here to meet them, so Rich and Elias can drive back home, and Aaron, Duce and I can continue Westward Ho.

Our first stop was in Exeland, WI, so see Aaron's parents and rest after our first 5 hours of driving. The morning there greeted us with a thick layer of frost -- something I hadn't seen in the Keweenaw before I left. From Exeland, we embarked West not knowing how far we would get on day 2.

But we drove and drove and drove all the way through Minnesota and on I-90 through South Dakota. Thank goodness South Dakota lets us drive 75 mph on that interstate. We made it to Rapid City at 10:30 pm Mountain Time. Thanks to our enchanting conversations, 14 hours in the car didn't seem so bad.

The first day in Rapid City was sunny and 70 degrees. Man, oh man was that nice! Rich, Duce and I ventured out on the mountain bike trails, up and up at about 3,500 feet of elevation. I was panting, but the terrain was pretty unique, so I kept entertained. We rode around and found our boys chiseling in the sandstone and pushing rocks down the hill. Quite a trail they are making.

Then I got to eat lunch at the cabin on a picnic table wearing a tank top and my pants rolled up. It was heavenly. So heavenly that I brought out my notebooks and a can of KBC Pickaxe Blonde Ale. I filled quite a few of those pages, I tell you what.

I'm thoroughly surprised at how much I like it here. Maybe it's because I'm staying in a little village with other peaceful campers. But the people I've encountered are all so nice. I mean they go out of their way to help others. That's the kind of people I like. I'd have to do more research, but I almost think I could live here. If it weren't for those B-1 jets thundering through the sky once in a while....

And today was the day for me. Since I took my first walk around the area I'm staying in, I saw this cliff atop a rock (cliff is on the left). This shot depicts the rock as the sun is rising on it. Nice, I know.

I don't really know why I get these urges, but when I saw that glorious hunk of sandstone, I just knew I had to climb it and dangle my feet off the edge of the cliff. I wasn't sure where or how to get there, but the urge was so strong that I knew I'd find a way. And I did. Here is proof.

Yes. I am fulfilled. But I also heard there was a disc golf course in town, so Rich and I checked that out and played 16 1/2 of the 18 holes. We got a little confused by the layout, but had a lovely time in the wind and sunshine nonetheless.

Presently I am able to enjoy this moment with you. Ahhhh. Doesn't it feel nice? Yes. Yes it does. I will write soon with more wonderful moments. For now, please enjoy where ever you are!

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  1. Nice Post, Amanda! Hey, any chance you would post the Pepsi Refresh link to your blog?
    Thanks! Happy you are liking my homeland! Travel safe~
    Syd (I'm not sure what I should have chosen for profile! I'm really challenged by this computer stuff :-)