Thursday, November 4, 2010

Storm Mountain, SD

I wasn't going to write today, but I had such a great bike ride.

Rich, Duce and I drove 15 miles South of Rapid City, just past Rockerville, to Storm Mountain. The sun shone brightly in the blue sky, and we were almost warm in the 55 degrees.

The first thing I noticed about this area was the rocks jutting out of the ground like hoarfrost. I've never seen anything like that before.

The riding itself was great fun because it wasn't either a climb or a descent (like most places I've ridden). We actually had some in-between rolling terrain! What a blast! At one point, on a jutty descent, we were riding between trees that were all leaning the same way. It was eerie and dark in there -- like a haunted trail. So cool.

Then we came upon this amazing structure.

Look closely, now. These rocks are somehow piled and stacked all the way up to the top of the picture in a mound! Had I not been wearing biking shoes with the metal clips on the bottom, I would have climbed in and out, up and down this majestic feature of Mother Nature. Oy, I should have just gone barefoot. Oh well... it gives me a reason to go back, right? I just might some day.

The rest of the ride was pretty gnarly, but so fun. A real different adventure. We even saw 47 sandhill cranes circling in a flock above us. What a treat! Well, hopefully there's more fun ahead... stay tuned!

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