Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hula Hooping at 1 am

Since this is a "family" blog, I have neglected to tell you about the night life aspect of da Harbor. Promising that this post will not include any profanity or promiscuity, I shall commence.

For my first three years living in da Harbor, I bartended at Zik's Bar. The local bar. The northernmost bar in Michigan where a person can drink until 2:30 am. This is usually always the last bar to close for the night. It is the place where adults go to forget it all, and just be at Zik's.

The jukebox at Zik's gets a lot of action. I've seen people dance with their shoes off, people dance on the bar, people sing their hearts out and people ballroom dance around the pool table. Being from a town in Wisconsin that prompted me to make my own good, clean fun, I added another dimension to the music-filled night: the hula hoop.

Currently, Zik's houses seven hula hoops that come out on random nights when the music is thick. The squatters at the bar are entertained. The girls (and guys) keep busy for minutes trying to keep it up. And the local team shows everyone up. We are good hula hoopers at the end of the road, my friend. And we are proud.

I just love when people are so mesmerized that for one, we have hoops, and for two, we can twirl them around for hours (at least til we get kicked out at closing time)! To me, this is such a fun dimension to add to a little local bar. It keeps people learning and trying new things. I am proud of my contribution to this little slice of life and pleased that others join me so merrily.

The only down side is that all the hoops are bent in at least one spot. But, what can you expect from people who hula hoop at 1 am?

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