Thursday, September 2, 2010


You may or may not have wondered, with Copper Harbor being so far from "normal" civilized life, "what happens in a medical emergency?"

Good question. We have a clan of well-trained volunteer first responders who live right in the area. They are great at addressing many problems quickly.

"What about if the victim needs to go to the hospital?" That is the question that if you don't know, you probably don't want to know. But I am a blunt truth kind of girl, so here is the answer. The ambulance, which resides in Calumet, is called to get here as soon as it can.

"How many miles away is Calumet?" From where the ambulance is parked, it's 40 miles. It takes over half an hour for the ambulance to reach Copper Harbor.

How long would a half hour feel if you were the victim?

I am not knocking the system that we have here. It seems like the best we can do. But with your help, we can do better.

The Copper Harbor Improvement Association (CHIA) has applied for a grant through Pepsi for $250,000 to build an ambulance garage right here in da Harbor! It will go next to the fire department. "You mean Copper Harbor could have it's own ambulance on site?!" Yes! I'm glad you're getting so excited! Would you like to help?

If you are not familiar with the Pepsi grants, you can vote once a day -- every day until September is over (Happy September, by the way!). Simply click this link, sign in with your facebook account or make a new account and vote for the Copper Harbor ambulance garage everyday!

I voted today. Will you? I'm glad we had this discussion.

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