Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Epic Memorial Weekend

This has been the most enchanting spring I have seen up here yet. The weather has been warmer and more pleasant than it was all summer last year. The blackflies are pretty much done for (unless another round hatches), and they weren't even that bad! All the berries have blossoms, so I'm expecting to pick them within the month. That will be an early crop for sure.

We've even been getting just enough rain to sustain all the vegetation. It's simply flourishing! My commutes to work have been beautifully filled with pink roses, purple hairy vetch and yellow hawkweed. I count my lucky stars every time I pedal past.

This Memorial Weekend was the best da Harbor has seen in a while (if not ever!). The Trails Club hosted an Epic Ride-In event that brought over 100 mountain bikers up for rides, food, music and fun. What a great time! It's great to see this town become such a biking destination. I know I love to bike here!

On Sunday I rode the Epic Ride of 12.7 miles with boys. Bike riding/bike mechanic boys. I was leery to go with them at first, but they were going for a "leisurely" ride, so I figured I could keep up. And the way up sure was leisurely! I even had to brake, so I didn't run into the guy in front of me's back tire on the up hills. I have never had to brake on the up hills before, but 11 miles later, when we were on our fourth climb of the ride, I was grateful we kept a slow pace ascending.

The descents were another story. Good grief, those boys almost gave me a heart attack with how fast they bomb down the hills. I realized how much of a sally I am as they all quickly shot out of sight like they didn't have brakes. Looks like I have another thing to work on. Oy.

But that's good. I want to be prodded and shown what's possible. After a few more adjustments to my bike, I might be able to ride down that fast... once I let go of the fear of crashing and dying going those speeds. Hmm. Maybe I'll start slow with that one.

I hope you are well. Please forgive me if I can't find you everyday. I think of you often! Cheers to summer!

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