Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Color Purple

So I'm on a run today, right? Running along in some territory I haven't been to in a couple weeks. You'll never guess what I found amongst the green foliage. Purple. No. Is that really purple? Not just lavendery purple, but dark, glowing blueberry purple! Sweet peaches! A blueberry ready for my mouth! It was a bit tart. I jumped the gun on that one.

Never fear, however. I found another ready-looking ball of luciousness in a neighboring bush. Mmm, that one was just right. Those berries, on a different elevation from which I previously scouted, will be ready within the week or two. They look quite plentiful too!

And, I saw some pink tops on the beads of the thimbleberry heads. Oh, man, those will be sooner than I thought on that elevation too. I would tell you where they are, but, you know... I won't. Come visit during the season and we can go picking together.

Other than that, it's another beautiful foggy day in da Harbor!

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