Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I don't know how the weather has been by you (unless you live in da Keweenaw), but it's been in the 90-degree-Fahrenheits the last two days. Not today, thankfully. Not today.

If you remember my post about not liking hot weather, you can be right in assuming that I sure as heck did not go for any crazy adventures while the temperature is as high as my body's. I made it to my dock to lay in a bikini and sweat. And burn. Yup. Summer.

Anyway, I have a couple seasonal firsts for you. The lilacs are peaking. I smelled my first rose on Saturday. I smelled my first vanilla-y goodness from hairy vetch two days ago. Even the irises found their way up my nose! There's the old saying of "Take time to smell the roses," but I might do it a little too much. No, maybe just enough.

I did go out for a 6 mile jog this morning before 9 am. I figured the day could be sweltering by afternoon, so I got it in when I could. The fog was still on the lake, and I couldn't see one side of da Harbor from da udder! I couldn't even see the bell buoy from the lighthouse! And the air was refreshingly cool. A day to be grateful for.

Yes, and I will cherish the moments that I take to lay on the dock and sniff each flower as it arrives. Do you know why? The Harbor Haus opens this weekend. School will still be in session. I'm about to become a work-and-volunteeraholic. That's just what the summer does to a person in da Harbor. Memorial Weekend is the kickoff.

So I can officially say, "Good-bye Life! It's been great hanging out with you for the last few months. I'll see you in November!" And, "Hello, Tourists! Don't drive so stinkin slow on 41."

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