Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Variety Pack of Adventure

I guess I can give you a sample of each! The last few days, I got out for a snowshoe, snowboard, bike ride and cross country ski. One each day.

The snowboard day was amazing. We got a foot of snow over two days, and I was out ripping it up at Mt. Bohemia. I found fresh snow on all of my favorite runs. Every time I ride down the hill in untouched powder, not even having to turn my board, I feel like I'm flying. Even though I am not air born, the friction under my feet is so minimal, that I get a sensation of gliding through the air. Kind of like biting into a York Peppermint Patty.

The snowshoe day made me remember how quickly the shoreline changes in the winter. Remember the ice volcanoes I saw a couple weeks ago? When I went to the shore on Saturday, they were all gone. Not a trace of them. The water came right up to the ice-caged rocks on the shoreline. I thanked my lucky stars that I got to play in one on February 6th. Otherwise, I would have felt cheated out of curiousity.

The bike ride was sweaty, yet enjoyable. Really, the best part is to see people's reactions to a girl riding her bike the day after it snows a foot. Yes. I am that girl.

As for my ski, well, I am not a good skier. I'm just not. Not now. But I do get to take off my skis and wander to the middle of Lake Fanny Hooe (see, she gets me every time) where I can be in the middle of a snow desert. Today I took in the serenity of being right between East Bluff and Brockway Mountain. What a cool place to be... it's like being sandwiched in a ridge line!

So there's my piece of da Harbor for ya. And I think everyone here would agree that today's sunshine makes da whole Harbor quite delightful.

By the way, my Splake was delicious. Fried and mighty.

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