Saturday, February 13, 2010

Splake Fest

It's Free Fishing Weekend in Michigan. I didn't even know that existed, but all the ice fishermen on the Harbor sure do!

Last February I posted "Men on Ice," which shared my bewilderment about the men who can sit out on the frozen lake for hours, sometimes hardly moving, and say that they enjoy it. But I was told that's what men do. Fine. I'll keep the fire warm and go to work -- where it is also warm.

But last year's fishing brigade captured 3 Splake between about 12 men. Today, a group of 10 hearty souls just caught their limit of 30 fine-finned creatures. No time for them to sit around this weekend, when they had to run from this pole to that one to reel one up. I had a few good laughs watching them awkwardly scamper over the bumpy ice to their nodding poles. Ha ha. Ha. Ha.

Aaron and a friend are taking advantage of this plentiful weekend, and that tickles me pink. Why? Because four fresh Splake are in a cooler outside my front door, and I have the batter all ready for them. Finally, my fresh fish are here. I'll let you know how tasty they were.

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