Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Gotta Wear Shades

The sun has been shining in the clear blue sky lately. It was out early in the day the last two days, and all day today. This usually doesn't happen in February. In fact, it doesn't happen to such an extent that I wrote a song two years ago about how the sky has been "gray for days" and how "my head is gonna break unless I see the sun."

Not now. Today I had to wear sunglasses on my trip to Houghton. Most everybody else I saw driving was wearing them too.

One thing I am always tempted to do in the sun is do get to the sunniest spot possible. Yesterday it was on the harbor. With no trees or building on the ice, the sun fills every speck of air. I even laid down on the frozen bay to relish in the seasonal view and ultravioletness of the moment.

The wind has also been calm. And though it pairs well with the sunshine, it is also sort of unusual for now. It makes me wonder what that lake is up to out there....

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