Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fall Festivities

Today I was even too lazy to take a nap.  And the thought of creating a post seemed like a lost cause.

Well, you lucked out because I finally got revved up to go on this Queen cruise to the Gull Rock Lighthouse as a fundraiser for the Christmas lights.  But when I got to the dock, a sign said it was cancelled due to high winds.  By the time I pedaled home and teased my dog (who was howling toward the front door like a big baby), I had some wind put back in my own sails.

Let me start with what you are probably most curious about: the colors.

Color Report
Last weekend (when I told you to get up here) some of Aaron's family and I went to Lac La Belle.  We paid our $8 a person to ride up the Mount Bohemia chair lift to see some spectacular colors in the trees.  Here are some pics from that trip.  It was a little hazy in the distance, and I only had a phone for pictures, but you'll get the idea.  The colors in these photos have not been modified, by the way.

From the top looking toward Gratiot Lake

Flora on "The Money Line" when it's not a ski run

Mount Houghton in the back

... And the dreaded line to get back down the hill

The place was packed.  The downward line was insane.  There were almost as many cars in the parking lot as there would be on a powder day.  People wore shorts and tank tops.  Really now, when will that ever happen again?

If you've never been on Bohemia, or even if you have, you may be wondering, "why didn't people just walk down the mountain?"  I tell you, if I wasn't 8 months pregnant, wasn't with an 82-year-old great grandma and was wearing long pants through all that tall, dry, buggy grass, I would have walked down.  Most people opted for the ride, but I think the former would have been way faster.

So Mount Bohemia is running their chairlift again this weekend.  Totally worth it, if you are debating going.

If you ask me, I would say last weekend was peak color, but the peak areas are just shifting.  It's Brockway Valley's turn.  That is a beauty right now.  I've only seen pictures, but I may have to make the drive myself.  So much for my annual bike ride over the mountain.  That will continue next fall, I hope!

What else do I have to say about the colors?  Not a whole lot.  They are still changing.  I even have a green maple in my back yard right now.  Do what you want, I suppose.

Moving on.

May as well "move on" with "Your Move," a Yes song that our band covers.  Here's a video of us performing that last Friday during the Art Crawl at North One Gallery.

Kinda fun, hey?  Definitely some background noise, but that's what you get during those!  And I believe that will be our last performance with this baby in my belly.  Then the poor thing won't have to keep bonking into my drum!

It looks like the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge is resurrecting Oktoberfest!  Festivities are October 11th starting at 3:00 pm.  Here are the details I could find:
  • Buffet is served from 4-8 pm (reservations required)
  • 10 German beers
  • German food
  • Music by Jeff & A.J. Walker Polka Band
  • Best dressed couple contest
  • Family with the most generations contest
Sounds fun to me, ja!  But maybe that's because I'm German (mostly) and I like parties.  Especially parties the revolve around food and beer.  Good thing I have a good nose to sniff, so I won't have to drink any of the bubbly.  Unless my baby is born by then...

I know I had something else cool for you, but I can't remember at all.  Maybe someday I will.  If not, I know it was a good thought.  So ta ta til next time!

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  1. Back in my youth I drove my car up the side of Bohemia as far as it would safely go (ha) on that old, rocky two-track, then scrambled up to the fire tower on top. The thing was so rickety that it was a real trick to make it up (missing steps, rotting wood, etc.). That was a while ago, time slips away.