Monday, October 6, 2014

Autumn Rants

I am actually sitting inside on this lovely, sunny day, so I can type to you.  Aren't I a sweetheart?  He he.

What's going on these days in da Harbor?  Well, last weekend was crazy busy again.  All the motels rooms were booked.  Restaurants were slammin'.  Visitors were driving like (excuse this rant) total morons that don't look before they pull out into traffic.  They even (bless their across-the-globe hearts) parked all along the Covered Stretch and walked around as if they were about to watch a parade while they took pictures of the leaves in the rain.

This time of year is beautiful here.  Yes.  Refreshing and cool.  Uh huh.  And it also brings the worst drivers in the world to our narrow, winding, sidewalkless roads.  I feel safer in the winter behind a car with bald tires breaking at every curve because though they may slide into the ditch, they most likely won't just pull to the side of the road and open their car door in front of the vehicle behind them.

Whew.  Thanks for letting me say all that.  Fortunately for me, I don't have to drive any of those roads on a daily basis.  And this really only happens two weeks out of the year.

But autumn has brought me some new friends!  Well, they're not really my friends.  They just use me for the seed I keep out on the front porch, so I can watch them flit around and hear their lovely sparrow songs.  I almost think these could be some of the same little birdies that hung out in my back yard in the spring.  Welcome back, you sweet little sparrows!

So, you may or may not be into this, but has an official petition to sign for those who oppose the cell tower going up on Brockway Mountain.  It encourages the FCC to look for a different, less obtrusive placement for a tower.  I did my part.  Feel free to do yours.


What else is happening?  Well, my hubby and his trail crew just got back from Duluth, MN where they built trails all summer.  (You can imagine my relief for that moment when "I think it's time!!!)  And they are continuing progress on the Keweenaw Point Trail.  

This path, if I haven't mentioned it already, will allow hikers and bikers to travel legally, easily and safely around the tip of, you guessed it, the Keweenaw Peninsula.  If I am not mistaken, it will pass points of interest such at Montreal Falls, Schlatter Lake, High Rock Bay and others.  

This nearly 30-mile trail will be epic for the Keweenaw.  We might even have to get a Starbucks to accommodate the traffic.  Ha!  I am just kidding.  That's just crazy talk.  But anyway, I can keep you updated as this big project progresses.  Phase I is in the works.

So this is what we call the end of the season, you know.  The Harbor Haus closes Saturday the 11th.  Jamsen's Fish Market and Bakery closes Monday the 13th.  I would imagine the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge closes later this month.  Motels will drain pipes and board up windows soon, I'm sure.

And then, you know what happens.  6 months of cold and snow that will drag on like last year.  I am already starting to praise our occasional moments of sunshine.  I, I really don't know what else to say about this right now.  I think I scared myself a bit.

Color Report
The Covered Stretch was still a beauty two days ago.  Lovely, in fact (ask all the visitors parked on the side of the road in the rain!).  I bet Brockway is still nice.  Though many of the trees are wind-blown, the oaks, birch and popples are taking their turn now, spewing burgundy and yellow.

Maybe next time I'll have some pictures for you.  I felt a bit inadequate today when I sat down and looked for something visual to share and realized I had nothing.  So hopefully you have enjoyed my sarcastic rants and blunt opinions.  I'm not a sugar-coater, you know.  Especially with these hormone fluxes.  Yes.  I'll blame it on that.  Two weeks until my due date!

Be well.


  1. Thanks for info on Brockway petition. I signed!

  2. Maybe should be more concerned about the useless ugly windmills going up everywhere. They are killing birds and bats, not to mention your electric bills will be going sky high soon. Oh well, someone has to pay for them.