Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Think Spring

You won't believe what's happening out there right now.  The snow is leaving.  Quickly.

Some is melting and turning the roads and driveways into puddles.  Some is getting cut by big trucks and hauled away by other trucks.  I can see things on my front porch that I realized I forgot to put away last fall.  Perhaps we can grill out soon!

Breathing this fresh air when my nostrils don't stick together is rejuvenating my soul.  There's a light at the end of the tunnel.  A tunnel that I forgot had an end.  Yeah, it was more like a cave.

Spring is coming.  

Guess what that will bring!  Waterfalls!  Ooh, I've got a couple in mind to get to during prime season.  I'll get some videos for you.  But if you can, come on up yourself.  They're always more dramatic in person.  And besides, this town won't be overrun with tourists by then.

Gulp.  I forgot about the tourists.

It's only March.  And this summer will be different.  I can focus on experiencing the splendor around me and writing about it.  Dreams come true.  Fingers crossed.  No, really, can I get a little "good luck" thought here?  Thanks.

So no trips for me this week.  Just out to Porter's Island to watch the ever-opening lake.  Oh, the way she sparkles makes my heart skip a beat.  I saw snowmobiler tracks out there the other day when I walked my Cwyfan friend.

Cwyfan sniffin' snowmobiler tracks on Porter's Island

Yesterday we went to Clyde's field because, oddly enough, we haven't been there in a while.  The snow was heavy like mashed potatoes.  Get me some melted butter and a spoon and I could have eaten my way through the field.  Here's a panoramic shot of the field.  You'll want to click it, so you can see it better.

From Brockway to Stairway in Clyde's Field

And here are the poor cattails in the "pond."

Cattails up to their necks in snow

I bet they are ready for spring too.  With so much snow left to melt, and warmer temps, this could be a messy spring.  Knock on wood, but I'll take it.  I'd like to see some green and rocks.  Here's a somewhat artsy attempt at what Highway 41 looks like going through our town.

Slush on the streets of CH

Yeah, that was a little rocky this morning when it refroze.  But, trials and tribulations of spring.  Don't get me wrong.  I don't think this is the end.  Oh, no.  We'll get another blizzard or two.  Some sloppy rain.  Floods.  Maybe even another ice rink!  Anything can happen here.

I'll keep you posted.  Until then, think spring!


  1. Wow!! Those snow banks are tall/big, they'll not be melted until Memorial Day. All of CH has to be glad to see that sunshine and deep blue sky. Thanks again for your update Amanda, it puts a little "Spring" back in my step . . John

  2. Hey John! Those banks will melt, if we get warm weather. It was amazing how much they dwindled with two day of heat. Of course, though, the day after this post, all the slush piles froze SOLID. And we just got a couple inches of fresh snow for our "St. Patrick's Day Storm." More to come, I'm sure...