Monday, March 31, 2014

Still Making the Best of Winter

*This was supposed to post Monday, March 24th

So, yeah.  It's still really wintery outside.  So cold.  Such high snow banks.  Happy Spring.

Today I walked outside to go to the post office and, I tell ya, if I wasn't able to control my emotions, I probably would have cursed this blasted winter.  But I know better.  It is what it is, and it can stay as long as it, gulp, has to.

I made my peace.

But here's a picture honoring of the first day of Spring!

The Rogers residence under all that white stuff

I did get to have some fun adventures this week.

One day Duce and I snowshoed up Stairway to Heaven to the top of that ridge.  Then we slid down the two ridges on our way back.  Now that's what winter is for: sliding through the snow.  Do it on a sled, skis, snowboard, snowshoes, buttocks, whatever.  Just do it, and winter won't be so spiteful.

Another thing I got to do, that I can only do in the polar vortex of winter is snowshoe to Porter's Island with my buddies!  We had a great time checking out the huge ice formations.  We couldn't see any open water that day, but it has been pretty chilly.  Sorry, but I didn't bring a camera.  I've shown you lots of pictures of that stuff anyway.

For the weekend, my ambitious husband hosted "Superior Gales," a snowkiting event.  Fifteen people came up to ski and snowboard through the harbor itself and Lake Medora.  They had a blast.  I at least got some shots of that!

Resting kites, the shanty and a kiter on the Harbor

Kiter by the lighthouse!  See him?

Grillin' out.  Those boys godda eat!

Though I didn't kite myself (I was way too cold out there), I still got a cheeseburger.  Those boys stayed out until dark and had a bonfire on the ice.  If the ice wasn't at least three feet thick, I would think they were crazy.  Fire melts ice, you know.

It sounds like they all had a good time, and the wind cooperated for the most part, so that helps.  You can't kite without the wind!

What else can I really tell you about?  What are YOU wondering?  Am I missing something here?  Feel free to comment with your inquisitions and suggestions.  I can certainly explore this time of year better than others.

You stay warm now.  Or stay hot, if you live in a tropical climate.  Lucky.

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