Sunday, March 17, 2013

Up Brockway's Nose

THIS IS POST NUMBER 300!  300 posts since the winter of 2009.  Thanks for making it this far with me.  Here's to 300 more!

And here I sit in the middle of winter.  We have sooooo much snow.  Mount Bohemia is still good if you watch the sun and shadows.  The xc ski trails are fab, though I haven't used those once this year.  Probably because my boots are too big and I need new skis.  The snowmobile trails are awesome; when I serve snowmobilers at the Bear Belly, they just rave about the trails.

But here's the thing: I don't see that many snowmobilers anymore.  It's the middle of March.  Happy St. Patricks Day to all my Irish readers!  Skiers aren't coming up so much either.  IT'S THE MIDDLE OF MARCH!  People are starting to plan their summer vacations.  But the snow is good, so if you need one last hoorah in that magical white stuff, come on up!

I think we are supposed to get a storm early this week as well.  Oofda.  It is still winter.

So I will do wintery things.  Yesterday Steve and I snowshoed out at the west end of Fanny Hooe by Mud Lake.  The trees out there are spectacular.  The way they grow had us marveling.

But your treat is my adventure down the Nose of Brockway Mountain.  I wanted to take a buddy, but ended up going solo.  Here is a view of the nose from the bottom.

The nose dives on the left side

I hiked up on the snowmobile trail.  Check out this video to see how I got down. It's rather long, but you should stay amused and "on edge."

Down Brockway's Nose

I made it.  I did.  But that really would be a better adventure with a buddy... and some ropes.  Lesson learned!

Today sported blue skies all day.  At least we get some sunshine to make the snow sparkle!


  1. Whoaaaaaa!!!... holy sh*#% Amanda! What are you trying to do to yourself? Please don't try anything like this again, ropes, buddies, helicopters withstanding! We want you to be around to report at least another 300 posts. And I could be considered an accomplice given my previous posts. I really hope your next helmetCam is sitting on the lake shore watching the waves roll in. and the ice melting, just for the record. Spring is near!

  2. Hhmmm . . so that's a shortcut to get an ice cream sunday at George and Brend's?

  3. Life is made for such adventures, wish I could have joined in the fun.

  4. Wish you could have joined me too, Rich!