Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Shredding at Bohemia

It's been dumping the last two days.  Dumping.  They even called off school yesterday.  Just when I hoped spring was here.  A sure jinx.  Well, back to shoveling!

Last week I went to Bohemia on Thursday.  It wasn't the greatest conditions, but I was jonesing for some snowboarding.  I went by myself, but ended up meeting a new lady friend.  Don't meet many of those in da Keweenaw!

Here is a video of the days events, all crammed in under four minutes.  Turn it up.  This one is for you, Michael!

A day of snowboarding at Mount Bohemia

The following weekend was Bohemia's Mardi Gras celebration.  Since it involves lots of drunken dudes, I try not to partake.  I don't need beads that bad, you know?

Yesterday I went up to the nose of Brockway to take some footage for you.  That will be one for next time, so stay tuned!

But now the snow is awesome, and I'm going to hit up Bohemes tomorrow.  Aaron said it's epic and I don't want to miss out.  Let it snow, I guess!


  1. Hey Amanda, I absolutely loved the video!.. along with the running commentary. You're quite accomplished on the board, as well as with video editing. I especially enjoyed the Hidden Valley sequence as you follow your shadow down the mountain.. great stuff. Hope to see more creative use of your helmetCam. Thanks for the ride!

  2. Glad you noticed the shadow in Haunted Valley. I didn't see it until I watched it!

  3. Never did anything like this but really enjoyed riding along with you. Enjoy all that you share with us.

  4. That was such a fun day!!!! Thanks for being such a great guide! :)