Sunday, July 29, 2012

Scatter Brained

There is no shortage of excitement here in da Harbor.  We have events every weekend.  This weekend it's been Thunder in the Harbor (a festival of motorcycles) and Battery D (reenactments at Fort Wilkins).  Next weekend is the Copper Man Triathlon, the weekend after that is the Art Show in Eagle Harbor, and the weekend after that is Copper Harbor's Art in the Park.  That's as far ahead as I can think right now, but you get the jist.  You can get it all at the "Copper Harbor" link to the left.

I have a fun berry picking story for you.  My friend Hannah and I went out to pick thimbleberries early in the morning one day after it rained.  I wore my quick-dry pants, thankfully, but they sure don't dry when they keep getting wet!

With bilberries, I kneel or bend over to pick them.  Where we were picking thimbles, however, the plants were over our heads.  It's like a jungle of green thimbleberry leaves!  And this particular morning they were all wet.  We started getting damp from meandering between the huge, fuzzy leaves.  But soon enough, our pants were completely soaked from hip to ankle and our shoes made squishy noises when we walked!  We laughed.

This did not deter us from our magnificent magenta berries.  Neither did the mosquitoes which I have become quite accustomed to.  One other thing that actually kept me going was all the raspberries mixed amongst the thimbles.  I could pick them in the same handful!

And guess what.  I ate the absolute biggest thimble I have ever seen.  Hannah found a bush of ginormous ones, and a couple were ready.  I mean if it was a cup, it could have held an ounce of liquid.  Like a thimbleberry shot glass!  It was cosmically delicious.

Please pardon the scatteredness of the rest of this post.  I'm just cramming lots all into one

The people are here.  Every day of the week is busy.  At the Harbor Haus, we have a wait for dinner every night -- lots of families and big groups.  I think we have about 5 more weeks of constant craziness before things slow down a bit.  My coffee tolerance is quite high already, however, and I still have to make it through August!

Last Sunday Hannah and I went to Keystone Bay.  Oh, I haven't been there in two summers.  Man, it is just beautiful there, and we were pretty much the only two people we saw the whole time.  The air temp had to be about 90 and Lake Superior must have been in the 50's.  We shocked our systems a couple times going in and out of the water, but it was certainly a beautiful day off!

Every Sunday morning until October, the Harbor Haus is putting on Sunrise Breakfast on The Flow.  The Copper Harbor Trails Club built picnic tables and a chef's table on a serene outlook about 3/4 of a mile from the top of The Flow trail.  Then the crew from the Harbor Haus brings all the ingredients, and mixes up breakfast right there on the trail!  The first week we had Keweenaw raspberry crepes.  This morning we had a choice of asparagus and cheddar or chorizo and cheddar omelets with tabouli salad and fresh fruit.  Everyone who came up was delighted and impressed.  This breakfast goes on each Sunday from 8-9am.  We take donations to benefit the CHTC.  Hope to see you there!  Stay updated at this link.

Gosh, that's probably enough for now, though I have found out what they are doing on Brockway's Nose, so stay tuned!

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  1. Can't wait to pick some of those Thimbleberries! We'll be up there for the Copperman Tri. I have enjoyed your posts throughout the year - it keeps CH alive in my soul while i am away! Thanks for the info on the breakfast - sounds great.