Friday, August 26, 2011

Foliage Report

I wanted to update you on how the wild things are growing.

As for the berries: bils, thimbles, blues, straws and service are pretty much on their downward slope.  I'm lucky to grab a couple of any of these varieties during an outdoor galavant.  Raspberries are still pretty good.  Blackberries and choke cherries are coming up, however, and I need to find time to harvest them. Mmmm, blackberries.

The aster is even already out!  The mint patches are flowering.  Those always seem like the last flowers to give it a go before the green color fades.  It's amazing to me every year when leaves start to turn brown and yellow.  It's as if I forgot that happens until I see it again.  The decline of the foliage brings the decline of the busy season -- after Labor Day weekend, of course.

I've already seen some red maple leaves.  Those always bring up the last batch of our tourists to gawk.  It's also a little slower pace of life before the dead drop off.  Once those leaves fall, so does business.  

But new life always springs from what is deceased: the locals!  Time for ourselves is right around the corner.  It's crazy to see what we've accomplished so far this summer.  I would say it's been a good one, but I get mixed reviews, depending who I ask.

I don't know if I can even explain to you the relief and relaxation that naturally takes over my mind, body and spirit when the earth lets the cool weather take over.  But at the same time, I feel like a bird flying free from its cage.  Soon I can work on Amanda!

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  1. What a great word "galavant". I haven't heard it in ages.