Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Buzz in Town

I haven't lived right in Copper Harbor itself for four years.  I was two miles outside the hulabaloo -- unable to hear a thing.  Now I live across from the general store, which gets more in-and-out traffic than any other place in town.  Car doors are constantly slamming.

For the last few years, I wouldn't even know it was the Fourth of July until I pedaled into town for work.  This year the parade went by my house, and people parked in my parking lot.  I used to be in the dark about the fact that all the Harley riders were up for Thunder in the Harbor until my Bud Light sales were up at the Harbor Haus.  This year their engines scared my puppy into the closet.  I wouldn't even know the Copperman Triathlon was going on unless I volunteered at it.  This year the bike event went right past my house.

Do you see what I'm getting at?  I'm in all the action!  I live at Grand Central Station!  Thank goodness my front porch is elevated and back from the road.  I can sit up there and watch it all without everyone watching me!  It's really a cool spot.  And if I want to try to forget about it all, I can sit on the back porch with the thimbleberries, maples and ferns.  Truly a peaceful retreat.

So that's a nutshell of my new perspective for you.  I actually really love it, and I am relieved with the fact that I don't ever have to drive a vehicle unless I'm leaving da Harbor all together.  And since I don't live half a mile down a gravel road, I've retaken up roller blading -- a favorite past time of mine.

But that's not all that's going on in da town.  On my roller blade today, I was reminded of all the construction projects happening.  Construction projects in Copper Harbor, oh yay!  That means things are happening!  Here is a list of the few that I can remember:

An addition to the Shepard of the Sea Chapel
A new residence for a local couple
An 18 hole mini golf course called "Into the Woods"
A six foot wide trail from the Marina to town
And a microbrewery

Pretty cool, hey?  Let's keep this town alive, so I can live here forever!


  1. That's very cool Amanda! I especially look forward to the mini golf and microbrewery. What better way to spend a couple of hours in da harbor after exploring the Keweenaw north woods.

  2. Keep the great post coming Amanda. Nice to keep up on the happenings in da harbor when I'm not there. Soon I'll be having my venison tenderloin, followed by a zanzabar thimbleberry sundae, and then wash it all down with a rhubarb amber. (the TROLL fall guy, Christopher)