Friday, June 17, 2011

Fundraising in Town

I would like to give a shout out to all the businesses and volunteers in da Harbor.  You see, Copper Harbor isn’t your normal “city” with a Chamber of Commerce and paid city employees (well, maybe a little bit).  It runs mostly on volunteer hours and goodwill giving.

Last Friday night was the annual Copper Harbor Volunteer Fire Department Spaghetti Dinner.  Many businesses donated fabulous prizes for the silent auction.  All the bakers in town baked their yummiest desserts for the bake sale.  The Mariner North donated their facilities to host the event.  And the firemen themselves sold tickets and bussed tables.  All this was done to help fund our fire and rescue team.

Wednesday night was the annual Queen IV Fireworks Fundraiser Cruise.  $15 tickets at the door (of the boat) went directly to paying for the extravagant firework display held the evening of the Fourth of July.  Again, most of the town’s stores, motels and restaurants donate prizes for our raffle boxes.  Passengers brought an appetizer.  Everyone had a merry time (unless the waves got to them).  We even pulled along side a 1,000 foot freighter.  That thing was as long as three city blocks!  Again, this was all for the fireworks, which bring up hundreds of tourists each year.

So yes, we’ve been busy already.  Even if not so much at work yet, surely volunteering.  The tourists are coming, though.  We’ve had a few already.  And with the weekend here, we’ll be moving quickly.

The weather has been sunny, but slightly cool.  I am bundled up in a hoodie right now, but there are worse things in the world.  Like swarms of blackflies!!!

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